Systematic Investing

Geode's Strategies

Risk-adjusted performance, transparency of investment process, liquidity and efficiency assist our clients in meeting their investment objectives.

Equity Index

Geode provides efficient exposure to various market segments.

  • Global
  • Regional
  • Country
  • Developed Markets
  • Emerging Markets
  • Smart Beta
  • Thematic
  • Market Cap
  • Custom


Persistent volatility premium exists within equity markets, and that this spread between implied and realized volatility is best captured through a disciplined investment approach focused on minimizing options cost relative to premium income.

  • Overlay
  • Global
  • Customized Risk
  • Downside Protection
  • Enhanced
  • Yield
  • Custom 


Commodities are a distinct asset class which play an important role in portfolio diversification and have the potential to hedge against inflation.

  • Index
  • Active
  • Enhanced Roll
  • Custom